When people think of spa treatments and spas, most of them would think of facials and massages. What they fail to know is that spas have more extensive services that could go beyond their imagination. Spas also provide pedicures, and manicures, skin treatments for the whole body, hair removal services, and other skin treatments that were only accessible at a doctor’s clinic until recently. Here is some detailed information about the most common spa treatments you can enjoy at your trusted spa.

Hair Removal

Hair Clearfield waxing is the most ancient hair-removal method that spas provide. With this service, aestheticians will be applying hot wax to the skin and press a cloth strip into the wax. After that, they will pull off the strip quickly along with the hairs obtained by the wax. This method can help eliminate hair from all parts of your body, such as bikini areas, upper-lip hair, leg hair, eyebrows, back hair, and chest hair.

Face Treatments

Facials are one of the best skin care treatments, including massages, peels, masks, moisturizers, steam, and exfoliation. This treatment aims to eliminate dull and dry skin cells from the skin’s surface, eliminate clogged pores, increase circulation by massaging the muscles, and hydrate the fresh, new skin layer.

Another facial focuses on particular problem areas like reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Some can promote anti-aging effects, like helping your skin reduce wrinkles and tighten it by applying collagen to the skin.

Nail Treatments

Many spas provide services like pedicures and manicures, which are nail treatments for both feet and hands. Though you can experience these similar treatments at any nail salon for a much lower price than spas, usually go the extra mile for pedicure and manicures compared to a usual nail salon. Apart from polishing and shaping nails, spa nail technicians will also make sure to soften and exfoliate your skin, do hot-stone and warm cream massages, and apply paraffin treatments.


Perhaps massage is the most common spa treatment you can get, with a wide range of styles they can provide. The most popular method is a Swedish massage, where therapists use massage oil to help them massage your body easily in smooth, long strokes while covering other body parts not being worked on with a sheet. At times, the oils add aromatherapy to make you feel more relaxed. Some of the massage examples you could get at spas include:

  • Pregnancy massages
  • Hot-stone massages
  • Deep-tissue massages
  • Reflexology massages

Body Treatments

Not only facial skin is the area of your body that must be moisturized and exfoliated. Spas offer different kinds of skin treatment for the whole body: Vichy showers and body wraps, body polishes, and aqua therapy.

When it comes to aromatherapy, you’ll be soaked into aqua-jet tubs that exfoliate and moisturize. These soaks can help hydrate, exfoliate and improve circulation on your skin to make your skin plump and healthier.