From a roof leak to ice dams surrounding drains, there are several issues to pay attention to when inspecting a commercial building. Through consistent and reliable winter roofing inspection and maintenance, such expensive roof repairs and damages can possibly be prevented by making sure that you hire qualified inspectors and professional roofers in MI who know the importance of following the key steps listed below: 

Inspect the field for signs of tears or cracks 

A comprehensive commercial roof inspection should also be performed. Because of any debris found, any signs of tears or cuts in your roofing system will have to be found before your structural damages are sustained. When the expert thinks that there’s a prevalent leak in the leak but cannot find it, they can do a “flood test” to track down any damages.  

Look at the flashing 

The details of your flashings, such as its curbs, walls, and stacks, will be checked by the experts. They aim to see any crevices or cracks that must be fixed right away before the cold season kicks in.  

Cracks any other damages are more typical around transition points. This is especially common in sports where the flashing can go from flat to vertical since stress is more prevalent in these parts of the building. When there are any flashing problems seen, have them fixed before the temperature starts to drastically drop.  

Check for pooling water 

In this step, your home inspector will inspect for indicators of ponding or pooling water by searching for blocked areas and slow-draining lines. Stains or color changes on your roof around drains may be apparent, especially when the water has been left for a long time. This professional assessment can help determine whether any underlying damage has been done because of ponding water.  

Clean debris 

Your commercial building inspector will look for any signs of debris that must be taken out from your roofing. Debris like leaves, branches, and other trash from roofs and drains will have to be eliminated so that water can be drained easily from your rooftop.  

Do a detailed roof checkup 

When you want to make sure that your commercial roof is in great condition, your chosen roofing contractor will require you to perform a complete inspection. The only way to repair a hanging issue is to know about its presence. A certified and well-done inspection can aid you to observe a few of the problematic areas, such as the following: 

  • Drainage pipes 
  • Gutters 
  • Field Tears 
  • Flashing 
  • Roof Vents 
  • Surface membranes  
  • Decking (any staining or rot spotted) 

A routine commercial roof checkup can help have the chance to detect issues even before they turn out to be big problems over time. Take note that summertime winds can create small cracks, which can enlarge in the winter season.  

If you plan to get your commercial roofing or your entire home checked, make sure to only trust the best home inspector in town and never settle for less.